Rent your
holiday home in France

Maisonne offers owners of a holiday home in France two ways to rent out their home. In both cases you can count on Maisonne's full service!


Rent yourself

10% rental fee

Signing up is free
Reach the right customers
24/7 support

  • 100% freedom - decide how you want to rent out
  • Direct contact with tenants
  • Create your listing
  • Take your own photos
  • Write texts in multiple languages
  • Respond to requests within 24 hours
  • Payment after check-in tenant

Let us manage

Variable fee

Signing up is free
Reach the right customers
24/7 support

  • Fully adapted to your rental wishes
  • Your own contact person
  • Let us do the work
  • We take professional photos
  • We write texts in all languages
  • Listing with online partners
  • Booking is paid in advance

Maisonne is not just an online platform where tenants and landlords of holiday homes can find each other. All holiday homes on our website have been checked with personal attention.

The guests of Maisonne are true lovers of France. Does your holiday home fit into that picture, then we would be happy to include your house in our offer.

What can we help you with?

No question is too crazy for us!

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