Your dream holiday in France
starts at the right place

Maisonne selects and rents out holiday homes in the most beautiful regions of France. The type of homes where we would go with our own family and friends.

Authentic, comfortable and fundamentally French. Experience the real France in a Maisonne holiday home.

Experience France as the French know it

Do you dream of enjoying a real French breakfast on a sunny morning, wandering through cobbled countryside villages or playing jeu de boules under the shade of lush green foliage? A Maisonne holiday home in one of our dream locations throughout France could be just what you’ve been looking for.

About Maisonne

Rent out your holiday home in France

Maisonne guests are truly passionate about France and French culture. If you own a holiday home in France which offers them that certain je ne sais quoi, we would love to add it to our range, simply register your holiday home with us.

After registration, you have the option to organise the rentals yourself or to take advantage of our tailor-made rental service.

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