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Upper Normandy is rich in culture, natural sites, monuments, industrial heritage and leisure. The region is especially known for D-Day in World War II, the historic day when the Allies landed on the Normandy coast to liberate Western Europe from Germany. This invasion has left many traces in the area of the coast of Côte Nacre.



If you are on holiday in this French region, a visit to Etretat should not be missing on your list. This place is situated on the famous Côte d'Albâtre between two large white cliffs, these includes Falaise d'Aval and Falaise d'Amont. A walk from Etretat along the beautiful coastline brings you into Fécamp, a pleasant town with a nice fishing port.



There is more than just a beautiful nature, there are interesting towns sush as Dieppe, Rouen and Le Havre, located in the Seine-Maritime department. The art and history of city of Rouen is the capital of the region and is situated on the river the Seine. Le havre has a center that was built in modernist style and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lower Normandy is not only a region is sought for its history and the cities and an ideal destiantion for leisure and relaxation. With 470 kilometers of coastline, charming seaside towns and a beautiful landscapes you do not get bored during your holiday in Normandy.

The region is known for D-day, the day the Allies landing on the coast, but also because of the orchards of Calvados. Calvados is a brandy-like liquor distilled from apple cider. Visit Château du Breuil, which is located in the Pays d'Auge; an idyllic area with orchards and half-timbered houses.  Within the geographical area which comprises the Appelation d'Origine Contrôlée des Cidres du Pays d'Auge, the Cider Route reunites Cider and Calvados producers around the town Cambremer and Bonnebosq. You will pass beautiful landscapes, endless vineyards accompanied by the smell fresh apples.



The capital of Lower Normandy is Caen, a city you must visit during your holiday in France. Another must see in the Manche department, is the Mont-Saint-Michel, an international place of Pilgrimage as well as a major tourist centre. An ancient abbey on a rocky island. When the tide is dry it is connected to the mainland and it is possible to visit the abbey.



Also worth a visit are the cities of Bayeux, Honfleur and Deauville. The town of Honfleur is accessible via the Pont de Normandy, the longest suspension bridge over the Seine, wich can withstand winds over 400 km/h. Honfleur has a beautiful fishing harbor, small streets and half-timbered houses. It is also the city of painters and impressionism, Honfleur has inspired painters as Courbet, Boudin and Monet for their masterpieces.