Rent a holiday home in France

Rent a holiday home in France

France has been a popular holiday destination for many years, at Maisonne we fully understand that. Let's face it, who wouldn't want to enjoy a breakfast of fresh baguette and croissants with a beautiful view in the Dordogne? Who doesn't want a glass of rosé between the lavender fields after a visit to authentic French villages? And we definitely don't turn down that snack board with the tastiest cheeses. Living in 'La douce France', living like a God in France, experiencing the real French life, we all want to taste that for a few weeks.

Holiday homes in France

Owner Ewoud partly grew up in France and speaks fluent French, so he knows exactly where you can enjoy French life. At Maisonne you don't just rent holiday homes, but you rent holiday homes in the most beautiful regions and in the best places in France. Houses where we would let our own family and friends go. Houses where we want to spend our own holidays.

Holiday homes for the whole family

Do you want to enjoy a wonderful holiday in France with the whole family? Then it is so easy if you can rent a holiday home that fits everyone. At Maisonne you can therefore rent a number of beautiful houses where you can enjoy your holiday with 10 people or more. In the evenings you can all sit around the long table enjoying a glass of local French wine while the children run around in the garden. The next morning you can bake fresh eggs in the spacious kitchen and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning sun. A holiday that the family will reminisce about for years to come.

Holiday villas

For a wonderful luxury holiday, rent one of our beautiful French villas. The villas are fully equipped and in many cases there is even a private swimming pool or a jacuzzi! Now that's enjoying in style. Comfort, luxury, space, if you rent a villa in France at Maisonne, you can completely surrender to the ultimate holiday feeling.

Romantic holiday homes

Are you and your partner ready for a romantic escape from everyday life? And can you already see yourself enjoying a beautiful sunset with a good glass of champagne in hand? Then rent one of our unique romantic holiday homes. In a house floating on the water you are completely away from everyday life together. In a tree house high between the trees you can enjoy spectacular views. And how about a cave house, where you stay partly underground? In any case, we would never want to go home if we stayed in such a romantic holiday home.


We just called them: the tree houses. These are perhaps the most special holiday homes that you can rent from us. High above the ground you are surrounded by nature and enjoy the most beautiful views of the French landscape. In the morning you are awakened by the birds and before you know it a squirrel is sitting at your table. There are tree houses where you can enjoy a romantic night with two people, but you can also go to a tree house if you are looking for a holiday home for the whole family.

Rent a holiday home in the north of France

At Maisonne you rent the most special holiday homes in the north of France. From Normandy to Paris and from Hauts-de-France to the Vosges, the northern half of France is a wonderful holiday destination. You will experience the French charm of small villages and the luxury of large cities such as Lille, Rouen and Reims less than a day's drive away. Ideal for if you just want to go away for a week or when you go on holiday with small children.

On an adventure in the Vosges

The Vosges is a mountainous region in northeastern France. An area where the real adventurer can indulge himself with beautiful walks and challenging bike rides, spectacular views of lakes and impressive nature parks. At Maisonne you can rent various special holiday homes in this beautiful part of France.

Rent a holiday home in the South of France

The real sun worshipers who don't mind spending two days in the car or catching the plane, of course rent a holiday home in the south of France. Do you want to relax all day at your private swimming pool? Or are you looking for adventure in the Alps? The south of France has it all.

Admire castles in the Dordogne

You never get bored in the Dordogne. Are you renting a holiday home in this part of France? You can count on it that you will not be bored for a second. Sailing on the river, visiting castles, visiting medieval towns, discovering caves, do you have enough time to see everything you want to see? This region is also ideal to discover with children.

Tasting Rosé in Provence

Lavender, rosé and Vincent van Gogh are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of Provence. The vast lavender fields remain special to see, no matter how many times you have been there. There are countless picturesque villages and atmospheric cities to visit, vineyards where you can taste the best rosé in the world and historical sights to admire. If you rent a holiday home in this sunny part of France, you want to stay forever.

Rent a holiday home in France at Maisonne

Authentic, modern and comfortable, and thoroughly French. From north to south and from east to west. Romantic for two or with the whole family. You will experience the real France in a Maisonne holiday home. Book your holiday home today.