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Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, also known as Île de beauté, the island of beauty. The island has a Mediterranean climate, allowing all seasons holidays in Corsica. You will find a varied landscape, a mountainous interior with the highest point, Monte Cinto, at 2710 meters (8891 feet), a beautiful coastline with sandy beaches and cliffs and a clear blue sea. One of the most beautiful beaches can be found at Porto , Cargèse and between Calvi and Ile-Rousse. Enjoy a crowded or your own private beach.



If you like to tour around, it is highly recommended to visit the towns of Bastia and Ajaccio. These are the main towns in Corsica and offer numerous attractions, shops and cosy restaurants. The city of Bastia is the city of art and history and is located on the Cap Corse . Here you will find medieval streets, ornate gates and several Baroque monuments. In the capital of Corsica, Ajacco, you can visit the museum Bonaparte, the former birthplace of Napoleon.

Nature lovers are also will love a holiday home Corsica. The island has several natural sites listed as UNESCO's World Heritage Site and the unique flora and fauna are beautiful to see. Find it out for yourself during a brisk walks in search of the most beautiful spots on the island. Mountain climbers can practice their sport in Bavella Massif and for water sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities on the coast for surfing, canoeing, sailing and scuba diving.



Corsica has many culinary traditions and festivals that are held in their honour. In march the festival “A Festa di l' Oliu Novi” in Sainte- Lucie de Tallano and in September the figs festivals. Than in December after the chestnut harvest, the Chestnut Festival in Bocognano the Feria di a Castagna. Enjoy during your holiday in Corsica delicacies like dried ribs, ham, sausages and sheep and goat cheeses. On the coast, you can enjoy seafood with mussels, oysters, langoustines and snails.