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Corsica - Holiday homes Haute Corse

Some are addicted to cultural holidays: with ancient buildings, museums, nature, beautiful views ... and more. Others prefer to have fun at the beach and in the sea. It would be ideal to combine these two types of holiday. Wait a minute: a holiday in Corsica offer the best of both worlds! The northern part of the French island of Corsica has a lot to offer. Not only in summer but also during other times of the year.

Holiday with water sports and walking routes

The long coastline from the Haute-Corse department offers boaters all the freedom they want. Surfing is very popular on the island, every surfer is in its place. As for lovers of diving and the underwater world. Once their diving gear is on their backs, they can dive under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. Who knows what there is still to discover ... Corsica is also an ideal place for those who like adventure with canyoning!

Corsica is best known as a hot spot for hikers. The GR20 is only on this island, this challenging hiking trail of 200 kilometres runs from Haute-Corse to the Corse-du-Sud and offering a sea view all along. It's an unique route.

Corsica offers many good things

The capital of Haute-Corse is Bastia. This port city has only 40,000 inhabitants, but there is plenty to discover in the place where the writer Victor Hugo lived. The city centre is pretty touristy. The Port de Plaisance is the old port of Bastia and is now used as a marina. You will find the oldest church in Bastia: Saint John the Baptist, decorated with marble. The citadel offers a magnificent view of the archipelago Tuscany. Who can see the island of Elba?

Finally, the former Palace of the Governors is worth seeing. Especially since you will find the ethnographic museum: a museum with a great cultural and historical collection. Corsica is definitely where you should go for the next holiday.

Holidays in Haute-Corse

To see beautiful views, vacationers should go to Corsica, just take a look around. In Calvi it is always possible to make beautiful pictures, for example with the world-famous 13th century citadel. Also in Sant'Antonino, this is actually one of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. This organization protects small picturesque villages, and in Sant'Antonino, there are many cultural heritage to protect. Less than 100 people live there, but the view is fantastic. It would be a shame not to see it with his own eyes during your holidays.

In the department of Haute-Corse, it is always possible to find a perfect holiday home. Maisonnera helps by gathering the best houses. Booking your holidays is easy!