Discover the rich history and impressive castles of the Dordogne

Discover the rich history and impressive castles of the Dordogne

The Dordogne is the place to be for history enthusiasts and castle lovers. The area is dotted with medieval villages and towns, prehistoric caves, and imposing castles that are not only very interesting but also exciting to explore with the whole family!

The castles of the Dordogne

The Dordogne owes its fame and popularity largely to the large number of castles in the region. The strategic location in the southwest of France, coupled with a turbulent history, especially during the Middle Ages and the Hundred Years' War, led to the construction of numerous castles and defensive structures.

Each castle has its own story, and many of them are well-preserved or beautifully restored. For example, the Château de Beynac, dating back to the 12th century, perches on a cliff with a phenomenal view of the Dordogne River. It is one of the best-preserved castles in France and played a significant role in the Hundred Years' War. The Château des Milandes, dating from the 15th century and once the residence of Josephine Baker, is renowned for its beautiful gardens and falconry demonstrations. If you want to marvel at grandeur, visit Château de Hautefort. If you enjoy legends and local folklore, don't miss Château de Puymartin, and at Château de Castelnaud, you'll learn all about Medieval warfare.

In addition to these exceptional examples, there are many more castles to admire in the Dordogne.

Prehistoric caves

For those who want to acquaint themselves with our earliest ancestors, the Dordogne is a true paradise. The numerous prehistoric caves provide a glimpse into the lives of prehistoric humans. Many caves feature beautiful rock drawings, engravings, and reliefs. These are not only magnificent artworks but also tell us a lot about the people who created them, their culture, and their spiritual beliefs. The most famous are the Lascaux Caves, where paintings and engravings over 17,000 years old have been found. The original caves, due to their vulnerability, are closed to the public, but an accurate replica has been created and can be visited. The Grotte de Font-de-Gaume is also well worth a visit, being the only place in the world where you can still admire authentic polychrome (multicolored) rock paintings.

Natural beauty

In addition to the many historical sites, the Dordogne is also a beautiful region for nature lovers. The Dordogne River is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. You can canoe, kayak, paddle, and swim on and in the water, and numerous hiking and cycling trails run along the river. In the Vézère Valley, steep cliffs and wooded hills alternate, creating a unique natural landscape. Those who love pristine forests can indulge in the Jardins des Marqueyssac. A feast for the eyes and taste buds are the many vineyards in the area.

Enjoy the Dordogne

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