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Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - Holiday homes Jura


The Jura is a mountain range, almost half of which is covered with forest. The mountains are also named after the Latin name "Jura", which means forest. The ancient mountains separate France from Switzerland. From a holiday home in Jura, a rich pallet of unspoilt nature, high plains and valleys, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, mountain towns and villages and hospitable vineyards unfold. The north borders the Doubs, the mountain area adjacent to the Ain department lends itself to beautiful nature walks. With a real chance of encountering wild chamois. One of the most tranquil walking areas is formed by the Hautes Combes. The plateau is around 1 100 meters and is called the "roof of the Jura". In winter this is a beautiful cross-country skiing and skiing area.


Cities and villages in Jura

The Jura is a whimsical mountain, formed through the centuries, with many caves, underground rivers and elongated grooves that were created by former glaciers. The picturesque mountain village of Baume-les-Messieurs is hidden in such a groove. There are many caves around it. Many more interesting villages are scattered over the varied mountain and valley landscape of Jura. The wine village of Château-Chalone seems to stick to the mountainside; Arbois, the birthplace of Louis Pasteur, inventor of the pasteurization technique, rests in a green and tranquil valley. Salins-les-Bains, famous for its spa baths, is surrounded by green mountain walls.

The larger cities of the Jura department are also worth a visit. Dole, for example, located on the River Doubs with its beautiful quays, houses beautiful Gothic architecture. The capital of Jura, Lons-le Saunier, which owes its name to old salt springs, is also worth a visit. Children will certainly enjoy the Maison de la Vache qui ride - a surprising museum, named after the cheerfully packaged cheese.


A holiday home in Jura

His name already fell: Louis Pasteur. We owe him the pasteurization technique. Not unimportant for Jura, where pasteurized milk is used to make many cheeses. Famous local qualities are the Cancoillotte and the Mont d’Or. These typical, tasty melted cheeses are ideal for a Raclet Jurasienne - the own variation on Swiss cheese fondue. Good to combine with a nice glass of local wine, a white Arbois Savagnin or a red Arbois Poulsard or Trousseau. If you like bubbles, you can wash the cheese away with a Crémant du Jura. It is available in white and rosé. A glass of Macvin de Jura is recommended for after-meal - an exclusive wine liqueur.